The Best Winter Decoration Ideas

Making small seasonal changes to your New York home’s decor is an easy way to update your space for little money. Bring the outside in with these winter decoration ideas, such as accenting your fireplace and using natural elements.

Making small seasonal changes to your New York home’s decor is an easy way to update your space for little money. Bring the outside in with these winter decoration ideas.

Decorate with Natural Accents

Decorating with natural elements is a great way to capture the wonder of winter. Take a trip to Central Park and gather fallen pine cones, greenery, and bare branches. Clean everything off when you get home, then scatter them throughout your home.

We like filling glass containers with pine cones and pine, or spray paint bare branches white or gold, then add them to a tall vase along with mini lights.

Create or purchase a natural wreath for your door. Check out this cute mitten wreath for inspiration.

The Best Winter Decoration Ideas: Adding Natural Elements

Image Source: Flickr/Eden, Janine and Jim

Cozy Up to a Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, winter is the time to make the most of it! Rearrange your furniture to face the fireplace. Gather logs in a pretty basket and invest in a new screen. And don’t forget to decorate the mantel. A beautiful painting or oversized mirror is a great start. Cover the mantel with some of those natural elements you collected earlier and other decorative items. Pinterest is a great place to find mantel decorating inspiration if you need help.

Let It Snow

One of our favorite winter decoration ideas is inspired by snow (without any of the cold). Gather your kids to make paper snowflakes, then tape them to your windows. We like this tutorial for coffee filter snowflakes. For something more sophisticated, make these oversized gold popsicle stick snowflakes.

Another way to get a snowy effect is to fill hurricane vase about a quarter full with Epsom salts. Then add a string of mini lights or pine cones.

The Best Winter Decoration Ideas: Snowflakes

Image Source: Flickr/Kelly Sikkema

Make Your Home Smell Good

You can also bring the outside in through scent. An easy way to make your home smell great is with a simmer scent (heated fruit, spices, and other natural ingredients). Try this stove top air freshener made from oranges, cloves, and cinnamon sticks.

Room sprays and candles are another option. Look for something warm and spicy or wintry scents like pine.

Add Ambiance with Candles

Candles add warmth and ambiance to our homes. Lighting a few will cheer you up after facing the frigid New York winter.

Scatter candles throughout your home wherever you need a little pick me up. Do you have a nonworking fireplace? Fill it with candles of all different heights. Create an easy centerpiece by filling a tray with candles and pine cones. Add a favorite candle to your desk.

The Best Winter Decoration Ideas: Candles

Image Source: Flickr/Fosforix

Decorate with Winter Whites

Decorating with winter whites is a beautiful way to capture the season. Look for furniture and accessories, like pillows and throws, in various shades of white. Add texture by using a variety of materials, such as knits, furs, and velvet.

Paired with wood and warm golds, a mix of whites will create a winter wonderland in your New York home!

Main Image Source: Flickr/Nan Palmero


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