Top 10 Coldwell Banker Stories of Gen Blue 2022

Extra, extra! Read the top 10 news items that ran in October from several major announcements at Coldwell Banker’s Gen Blue Experience that took place October 24-26 in Phoenix, AZ.

We are excited to share the Coldwell Banker Top 10 earned press placements relating to announcements made at Coldwell Banker’s annual Gen Blue Experience. This is a Gen Blue-focused snapshot of Coldwell Banker’s 1,000+ press placements for the month in media outlets that reach more than 40+ million viewers.

Top 10 Coldwell Banker Earned Press Placements

Gen Blue 2022


How an event became a results-driven experience (Gen Blue 2022)


Luxury Buyers Seeking Smaller Homes, International Properties (Trend Report 2022)


Coldwell Banker CEO: Not every company will make it through slump (M. Ryan Gorman, president & CEO)


Homes Are a Safer Bet Than Stocks, Say One in Three Affluent Consumers (Michael Altneu, VP Global Luxury; Trend Report 2022)


Coldwell Banker Real Estate Releases “The International Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing U.S. Property”                        (Liz Gehringer, president & COO; International Buyers Guide)


Regret, reduce, relocate: The 6 biggest US luxury trends of 2022 (Michael Altneu, VP Global Luxury; Jill Hertzberg, Florida; Trend Report 2022)


80pc of affluents believe real estate still safe for investing: Coldwell Banker (Trend Report 2022)


Coldwell Banker Real Estate Announces 2022 Leadership Award Winners (Ryan Gorman, president and CEO; Tim Milam, CB Sea Coast Advantage; Rick Schutte, CB 360 Team; Tony Farah, Minneapolis; Lori Arnold, CB Apex, Realtors)


As NJ’s Real Estate Market Slows Down, this sector of the marketplace isn’t hurting (Michael Altneu, VP Global Luxury; Trend Report 2022)


Coldwell Banker Raises More Than Half Million Dollars After Another Year of Partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® (Ryan Gorman, president and CEO; Nancy Huddleston, CB Collins-Maury)

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