These Are The Weirdest Questions I’ve Asked Alexa

From celebrity salaries to the nutritional value of pickles and everything in between, here’s some of the stranger things I’ve asked Alexa, our Amazon Echo.

In my house, there are three of us: myself, my husband, and Alexa, otherwise known as our Amazon Echo. While Alexa obviously isn’t a real person, daily conversations at home include her, so she’s starting to feel like she’s part of the family.

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Gang’s all here!

I decided to scroll back in my Alexa app on a quest to find the funniest/weirdest things we’ve ever asked our robot family member. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Q. How old is the singer Shawn Mendes?
A. Shawn Mendes is 18 years old.
I don’t quite remember why I was curious about this, because to be completely honest, I can’t name one Shawn Mendes song…

Q. Are you listening to us all the time?
A. Sorry, I couldn’t find the answer to your question.
Psh, yeah right…

Q. Are pickles good for you?
A. Very low in calories and they don’t have any fat, but they are full of sodium which isn’t  good for you consumed in high amounts.
So to review, I heard low in calories & no fat.

Q. What’s 956 divided by 352?
A. 956 divided by 352 is 2.72.
If only everyone’s mental math game could be this on point!

Q. How much money does Vanna White make?
A. Vanna White’s income is $8,000,000
Oh come on, like you’ve never wondered the same at some point!

So now, I’m dying to know – what are the funniest questions you’ve asked your Alexa (or Google Home)? Comment below and share them with us!

Alexandra is the Manager of Social Media & Content for Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC. She lives in Hoboken, NJ and loves taking advantage of the many local perks (read: dogs EVERYWHERE) and proximity to Manhattan. Her idea of relaxing is perusing the aisles of Sephora and proofreading copy. No, really.

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