What to Consider Before You Buy a Home

Educate and empower yourself before you buy a home. It is important that you buy a home that will be what you expected and one that is a safe and smart investment. By understanding the process and the market you are in, you can buy with confidence.

It’s important to educate and empower yourself before you buy a home. You want to ensure that the home you purchase meets your requirements and is a safe and smart investment. By understanding the process and the market you are in, you can buy with confidence. Having the right information and relevant advice will put you in a position to make your buying dollars go further.

Contact an Agent

Before you purchase a home, seek the advice of a real estate agent. Real estate is their business and they have likely viewed more homes than you will in a lifetime. They bring that knowledge to the table along with an understanding of the financial arena. A real estate agent usually helps the buyer secure the best deal and the right house for the buyer’s budget.

Think Investment

Before you buy a home, you need to recognize that your home will also be an investment in your future. This may be the largest investment you have ever made. So, when you decide to buy, you should be educated on where and what you should invest in. Analyzing your want list with what your future buyers might be looking for is a balancing act. While you may think living across from a school would be great, your future buyers may not think so. Establishing a relationship with an experienced real estate agent will be very important when making decisions about what future impact you may expect if you buy a home that has qualifications. Your real estate agent will create a market analysis of the property you are interested in. Having a good sense of what properties are selling for in the neighborhood will give you helpful information if you make an offer to purchase the property.

Before you buy a home, see a lender who will help you determine your budget. Armed with this information and your “dream home” check-list, your real estate agent will comprise a list of homes that may fulfill your expectations. If after looking at homes, you see that your dream list and your budget don’t match, keep in mind that this will probably not be the home you live in for the rest of your life. But if you buy smart now, you will be gaining equity and appreciation, and this home may provide the money to buy your step-up home of your future.

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Debbie is a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker/ C&C Properties in Redding, California where she is a consistent award winner in sales. Debbie has led her company in innovation by video creation and advertising ideas. Debbie works with her partner, Diane Sorgatz and together they are known as "The Home Girls".

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