White Rock Lake: Outdoor Fun

Find out how White Rock Lake and its surrounding areas can offer everything you desire in a recreational and outdoors experience. Learn how connecting areas can add to your fun and nature appreciation.

Big city living, honking horns, and bright street lights can make even the most devoted Metroplex dweller yearn for something more. Take a break and get back to your roots by visiting the naturally beautiful White Rock Lake.


Coming in at about 9.3 miles in the length, the White Rock Lake trail is a sure path to nature appreciation. Considered one of the best trails in all of Dallas, it’s earned its reputation and finds new fans daily. Though perfect for the solitary nature lover, groups often take on the trail together. Walkers and hikers may enjoy the company of the various local clubs that get together to traverse the wonders of this footpath, while joggers and runners can find that the trail is great for training purposes, as it naturally leads into White Rock Creek trail. This trail is highly popular with cyclists and, as a result, can see its share of spinning wheels. If you plan on biking, consider pedaling your way through the park during low-traffic times.

Kayaking and Boating

For a relaxing trip down White Rock Lake, canoe or kayak along the body of water. The lake’s relatively calm surface ensures a laid-back excursion. Canoe and kayak rental businesses can take the stress out of bringing your own equipment to the grounds.

To glide into an unforgettable feeling of bliss, try sailing on the lake. If you’re of the competitive sort, you can take part in fleet racing or stay firmly on the shores as a spectator while watching regattas. Fans of motorized boating can jump into their watercraft of less than 9.5 horsepower and trundle along the water for fun, fish, and spontaneous festivities.

Should rowing float your boat, sign up for one of White Rock Boathouse’s programs to learn the ins and outs of the sport. Aside from being one of the most popular activities on the lake, it’s also one of the most accessible: adults, children, and even disabled individuals are welcome to take part in this universally-loved pastime.

Dog Park

Recently revamped, the White Rock Lake dog park located at Mockingbird Lane and W. Lawther Drive is considered by some to be the new and reigning canine oasis. Millions of dollars have gone into beautifying and expanding the park to add extra acreage for dogs to roam free. Amenities like benches, shade structures, dog drinking bowls and fountains can keep you and you furry friend cool, calm, and collected while taking in the lake’s beautiful, natural sights and sounds.

Electrical outlets and lighting ensure that communities of pet lovers can congregate. Courageous canines can trek up to a launch on the lake, take a dip, and and dog paddle to their hearts’ content. It’s a great place to go, if you want to socialize your pooch until he’s dog-tired.


There may be plenty of the fish in the sea, but White Rock Creek’s aquatic population is nothing to sniff at, either. You can find channel catfish, largemouth bass, and white crappie species at various times throughout the year. Cast a lucky line from a pier or your boat to reel in a brag-worthy bounty.

Bird Watching

If you prefer to hunt animals in the most environmentally-sound and humane way, consider packing your binoculars for a bit of bird-watching. You won’t have to go out on a limb to see a few exotic birds perched on the branches of magnificent trees. Nestle in by the water or near a hill for a front-row seat, watch these birds take flight and let them soar into your nature-loving heart.


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