Work Remotely? Jacksonville Offers an Affordable Oasis

When you work remotely, you have the option to create your own work environment. Jacksonville, Florida offers an affordable oasis for freelancers and other remote workers, with inexpensive cost of living and plenty of fun.

If you are lucky enough to work at home on a full-time basis, Jacksonville, Florida can be the ideal environment in which to create your base. When you work remotely, you are not tied to an office, so work can be anywhere you set down roots. Instead of dealing with the high cost of living in unpleasant surroundings, why not make the move to a summery oasis where your hard-earned dollars will go farther? Check out the area. You will find a number of reasons why more people who work at home choose the Jacksonville area.


Whether you choose to rent or buy your home, you will find great value in this area of Florida. Freelancers and others who work remotely may dream of the creative meccas of New York City and Los Angeles, but these areas are notoriously expensive spaces to inhabit. Jacksonville rents are traditionally lower than many other parts of the country and are comparable with other modern urban areas.

In terms of real estate values, this area has always held its own, offering more great value for residential property than almost any other part of the country. Generally speaking, Jacksonville home prices also tend to be lower.

Day-to-Day Expenses

When you compare living in Jacksonville with living in the rest of the country, you will find that you can work remotely and spend less money here than in many other parts of the United States. According to the Consumer Price Index, you will spend less on average to get a restaurant meal, a cappuccino, and even a beer or glass of wine. Utilities cost little because winter heating is so seldom necessary, and entertainment is low-cost or even free.

The cost of living in the Jacksonville area is, in every respect, on par with or less expensive than most of the more affordable parts of the country. When you are freelancing or working remotely, every dollar counts, and living in this area can be a big help in keeping your spending under control.

Pleasant Environment

Saving money is all well and good, but if you don’t enjoy where you are living, it may not be worth living there. This is where Jacksonville, Florida tops all the competing lower-priced parts of the country. The attitude here is a little more relaxed. The weather is warm and summery almost all year long.

You can spend Christmas morning at the beach, or grow two entire garden crops each year. Water sports are yours for the taking, from kite surfing to snorkeling, and the beaches are clean and free. Jacksonville has a vibrant nightlife; countless clubs and social groups cater to every interest. You will find plenty to do when you are not working. Jacksonville is the ideal place to create your home and work environment.


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