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MTV Movie Awards: Movie Home of the Year

In the spirit of the MTV Movie Awards, the team here at Coldwell Banker has convened behind closed doors and decided on five “Movie Home of the Year Nominees” from 2011 films that were nominated by MTV for some award or another. Rest assured that the homes nominated below exhibit excellence in the area of looking awesome.

The Need-to-Know Truth about Home Improvement and Resale Value

Let’s face it.  Selling a home today is much different than it was five or six years ago.  Prices have likely come down and the competition among homes on the market could be intense. It’s common for homeowners to consider renovation projects prior to putting their home on the market. But if the sole purpose [...]

Finding “Pinspiration” for Your Dream Home

The latest social media craze, Pinterest, is in full force and was recently named the third most popular social network.  I’m one of the many new ‘pinners’ who can’t get enough.  This site, which acts as a virtual inspiration or online bulletin board, is a perfect way to find, save and share your favorite things [...]

May 29 / 2012

My Memorial Day Post…Part II

I wrote this a couple of years ago and wanted to share it again because it remains relevant today. Just as I wrote back on May 27, 2010, my wife and I are again headed to our Lake Michigan area cottage for the Memorial Day weekend. I also continue to love our great country and am incredibly in awe of those who serve our country in the United States military.

May 25 / 2012

Is that swimming pool safe? What homebuyers should know

By Allstate When an agent takes you to a home and slides open the patio door to reveal a backyard swimming pool, you’ll likely have one of two reactions: you’ll either conjure up images involving lazy Saturdays and margaritas, or you’ll stiffen up with thoughts about the pool safety implications. In either case, a swimming [...]

May 24 / 2012

Grand Rapids Michigan is the Comeback Kid

Don’t we all love an underdog? From Rocky to the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team to Butler in recent editions of March Madness. But in real estate, allow this to be the third installment of our love affair with the “comeback kid” – Grand Rapids, Michigan.

May 24 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for the Week Before Memorial Day

May is moving quickly towards June. Right now you’re probably in the midst of graduation party frenzy and anticipating that summer vacation. As Memorial Day approaches here are some real estate headlines to keep you on the pulse of what’s going on in the housing market:

A Home with a Disappearing Garage

Who wouldn’t want a hidden garage like Batman has where he drives through a waterfall to park the Batmobile in the Batcave? Of course you would love that in your next home. Well one home owner has a sophisticated hydraulic system that allows his garage to disappear into the natural surroundings.

May 18 / 2012

Simplified Home Maintenance for First-time Homeowners

Buying a home is an exciting, large, and worthwhile investment.  After the home-buying process is over, many new owners focus on the best ways to maintain their property. Proper home maintenance can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs and upgrades over the years. It is common for first-time owners to be unaware of the [...]

May 17 / 2012
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Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of May

May is halfway in the rear view mirror. Memorial Day is quickly approaching. Hockey and basketball playoffs are coming to their championship rounds. And open houses appear to be the thing to do on the weekend. To help you cruise through what remains of May here are the latest real estate headlines: