5 Design Trends from ‘American Hustle’

Here’s a look at 5 interesting home design and decor trends from American Hustle to keep an eye out for in 2014:

To many Hollywood insiders, the race for the “Best Picture” award for this year’s Academy Awards has come down to ’12 Years a Slave’ and the 10 time nominated film, ‘American Hustle‘. Centered around the 1978 “Abscam” scandal, the film features a world class cast set in a perfectly recreated late 1970s landscape – colorful shirts, perms, velour couches and all.

As is usually the case with all things design, we seem to revisit the past often and use it as inspiration for the clothes we wear and furniture we buy. Over the better part of the last 7-8 years, our obsession with 1960s vintage fashion, music and home decor has dominated the American aesthetic. As the 1960s craze tapers off a bit, the colorful and diverse palette of the 1970s has begun to creep its way into design and the wildly popular and superbly art directed ‘American Hustle’ has only fanned those flames.

Here’s a look at 5 interesting home design and decor trends from American Hustle to keep an eye out for in 2014:

The set designer of ‘American Hustle’ attempted to highlight “Rosalyn’s”  over-the-top personality by designing a home for her with an equally bold aesthetic that still felt real. While you’d be hard pressed to find a home with such bold decor choices in it; the patterned wallpaper is a trend we’ve seen in more and more homes hitting the market. Take a look at this $925,000 home in Pine Township, PA that highlights the return of this oft forgotten trend.

Amy Adams’ character is less rooted in the more blue collar design trends of the 1970s and instead opted for more clean and timeless choices in her home. While her NYC apartment is dominated by stunning oak floors and white sofas, she wasn’t afraid to add spice to her spaces by adding bright pops of color. Of all the trends from the 70s that have begun to make a comeback, bright color choices is the one catching on in a big way. Take a look at this stunning $3,950,000 estate in Bainbridge Island, WA for a spot on example.

Carpeted floors seem to have gotten a bad wrap over the past decade or so for being hard to clean and easy to dirty. With that being said, they are pretty comfortable to walk on and they do add a certain warmth and coziness to a room that’s hard to get with solid wood floors. Carpet aficionados fear not, it appears as if there may be a comeback imminent!  Take a look at this stunning $3,395,000 home in Minnetonka, MN for an example of the the resurgence of carpet!

You can’t have a discussion on home decor from the 1970s without bringing up warm woods and the color brown! According to The Decor Lounge, the usage of modern and warm woods and browns “was impacted by the continuing inspiration of Space Age technologies and the availability of new materials.” Wood floors have been “a thing” for a long time but the confluence of clean lined wood and browns all together in one room have been seldom seen until recently. Take a look at this $5.5 million waterfront home in Edgewater, MD for a great example.

While all white subway tiles have had their heyday as of late in the design world, colored and patterned tiles (especially in bathrooms) are a trend to keep an eye out for in 2014. This bathroom from the club scene in American Hustle depicts a bold dark look with three distinct patterns on the floor and walls. While this multi-layered approach to tile work may seem a bit strong, we’ve begun to see scaled down versions of this look and even more jaw dropping uses of colored tiles in bathrooms. Take a look at this truly unique $17 million estate in Weston, MA for an example of out of this world tiling.

Well there’s a look at the top 5 1970s inspired design and decor trends from ‘American Hustle’. As you can see from the various listings you can find on coldwellbanker.com, it seems as if the 70s are indeed coming back. Be sure to tune in to the Oscars this coming Sunday for a look at the debut of our “Your Home” ad.

*Images Courtesy of Domaine Home and The Decor Lounge

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