9 Unique Ways to Decorate Boring Blank Walls

Boring walls driving you bonkers? Try these ideas from our friends at HomeTalk!

An empty wall is like an empty canvas – a missed opportunity. Don’t let your walls sit around undecorated and underwhelming. Instead, try one of these outrageously creative wall decor ideas from innovative Hometalk bloggers. Whether it’s painting the wall, covering the wall, or hanging decor on the wall, all of these ideas will take your blank spaces and make them stop-and-stare beautiful.

Paint a Bold Black Bordered Wall

Image:Jenna/Rain on a Tin Roof

One step up from the ordinary painted accent wall, this bold bordered wall demands your full attention, making it the perfect place to hang your gallery wall or display your favorite piece of furniture. You can use more subdued colors for a less intense statement wall or brighter colors on a darker base. (Here’s how to do it)

Turn It into a Watercolor Masterpiece

Image:Kellie/Design Asylum

This unique painting technique will turn your blank wall into a piece of art. Give that empty space a watercolor-style makeover, with different paint colors blending and mixing into each other, for a totally serene and relaxing theme. (Tutorial here)

Create a Wall-Wide Photo Gallery

Image:Amber/Amber Oliver in the Loop

There are many different ways to create a gallery wall, but instead of designating a small section of your wall for photos, let your gallery span your entire wall, from corner to corner. This layout lets you add even more pictures, plus it redesigns the wall around it, instead of simply hanging on it. (Get the how-to here)

Plank a Herringbone Accent Wall

Image:Amy/Always Never Done

Use beautiful reclaimed wooden planks to cover one smaller wall of your bathroom or bedroom, to get this very cozy cottage look. Different types and stains of wood will make all the difference, so make sureyou choose a wood color that suits the room and decor. (Here’s how to do it)

Or Faux Plank a Full Wall

Image:Patra Jones

If planking with wood sounds like more effort or trouble than you’re interested in, fake it! You can cover an entire wall in thin vinyl wood strips that look just like the real thing. They’re easier to put up and much simpler to care for and clean. (This is how)

Add a Metal Gate Feature Made from Door Mats

Image:Kimberly/Saving More Than Me

Metal gates are a pretty antique feature and they look truly lovely when hung on display, but they can be tough to come by and expensive when you do. Instead of searching for a real salvaged gate, check your local home and garden store (or Dollar Store) for a pretty latticed rubber mat and turn it into a gate! (Get directions here)

Paint One Wall to Look Like Whitewashed Brick

Image:Cat/Pocketful of Posies

Some lucky homeowners get to enjoy real brick walls, but for the rest of us, there are a number of options to fake the look. Plastic brick paneling is a great way to go, but you can create a beautiful brick look using nothing but paint! This clever crafter used different shades of light brick hues and created an amazing accent wall. (Here’s how to get the look)

Cover It In a Large Sheet of Fabric

Image:Leigh Anne/Houseologie

For a super simple wall cover that doesn’t include repainting, striping, or any work too exhausting, try covering an entire wall in fabric! You can turn fabric into a patterned and pretty textured wall paper by simply sticking it up to your blank wall with fabric starch! (Tutorial here)

Stencil Metallic Details All Over It

How To DecorateBlank Walls

Image:Albion/Albion Gould

Stencils are a favorite among DIYers, and why not? They’re easy to use and they make anyone paint like a perfectionist. But to make your stenciled look even more effective and eye-catching, use metallic or metallic tinted paint! Giving your wall a patterned shimmer is a sure way to make it looks its best. (Get directions here)

For tons more amazing DIY wall decor ideas, check out the wall decor page on Hometalk!


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Lindsay lives in Livingston, NJ with her college sweetheart and now husband Joe and rwelcomed another Joe into her life as she became a mom in June 2016.

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