A Home Basketball Court Is Perfect for Family Fun, Fitness

Metroplex sports enthusiasts love their basketball, whether they’re watching from the stands or playing a neighborhood game of pickup. Installing your own home basketball court may be easier than you think.

Although the Dallas Mavericks aren’t having a great season, local basketball fans enjoyed hosting the Final Four this year. Metroplex sports enthusiasts love their basketball, whether they’re watching from the stands or playing a neighborhood game of pickup. Many DFW homeowners even have their own home basketball court — a fun way to combine fitness and family time. Installing one may be easier than you think.

A Fitness Slam Dunk

Basketball is great exercise. Just 15 to 20 minutes of shooting hoops provides the kind of moderate-intensity exercise that can help with weight loss. Playing basketball gives you an all-over workout. It can help improve your cardiac health, develop upper- and lower-body strength and eye-hand coordination, and even reduce stress.

Getting Your Game On

Home basketball court design really depends on how serious you are about your game.

If you’re simply planning to practice your layup, you could probably get away with hanging a hoop above your garage door. Many newer Dallas-area homes have three-car garages with high ceilings, making them the perfect place to play a game of horse in any weather.

Need something more elaborate? It’s easier than you think to create a regulation court on your driveway. All you need is some painting and measuring skills.

Most two-car driveways will accommodate a half court. Measure your driveway to determine where to position your court according to regulation dimensions. A half court design is 40 by 40 feet. If you decide to create a full court, choose portable basketball hoops that can be moved out to the driveway when you’re ready to play.

Paint Your Court

After you’ve measured, you’re ready to paint your home basketball court. Some people paint the entire driveway with a durable cover for their court, while others simply stencil in the lines.

Before you paint, you’ll need to decide on how wide you want the box to be (high school, college, and NBA boxes are different widths) and whether you want a three-point line. Double check your measurements and stencil the paint. Using tape is an easy way to create the lines and get the amount of thickness you want for them to stand out — make sure to choose a bright paint color that will stand out on your driveway’s pavement.

With just a little initial effort on your part, your home basketball court can provide hours of enjoyment for your friends and family.


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