Brandon Belt of the SF Giants Hits Home in More Ways Than One

From Texas to San Francisco, home is an escape for Brandon Belt.

When Brandon Belt makes a promise, he keeps it. The San Francisco Giants slugger, who is recovering from a broken thumb, made headlines this week when on a rehab assignment he met a little girl, Lyndsey Dworkin, who was a cancer survivor and promised her he’d hit a home run for her that night. True to his word in his first at bat Belt crushed a homer much to the excitement of his new favorite fan.

In fact, he tracked down the home run ball and signed it with the words:  “To Lyndsey, My Good luck charm. — Brandon Belt.”

Now there is a class act guy and we couldn’t be happier to have Brandon Belt as the next featured player in our Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage video series.

Both Brandon and his wife are originally from Texas so experiencing life in the city of San Francisco was new and exciting to them and it’s where they called home for the first year of Brandon’s time with the Giants. But they eventually wanted a quieter, more relaxing place to call home and looked to move to the areas outside of downtown that could fit their ideal home. And of course, as with most couples, the impending arrival of a baby also sparked the desire to find a bigger place.

Belt has been on the disabled list with a broken thumb for a few weeks so he’s probably ready to stop relaxing at home and get back out on the field at AT&T Park as he’s scheduled to return back to the lineup this week. And with the story of his home run for Lyndsey Dworkin getting national attention there’s no doubt Belt will have more than a few fans ready to welcome him back to the majors. Take a look at his video below and see what home means to the Belts in this latest video in the Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage series.

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