Creating a Man Cave Worthy of a Philly Sports Fan

Adding Philadelphia sports memorabilia to your new man cave can help make the room more personal and fun. Keep the design simple with a quality television and comfortable furniture. Leave space to display your favorite sports-related items on the walls.

Turning an empty room into a man cave in your Philadelphia home is a fun way to show off your local sports memorabilia. Philadelphia-themed accents help make the space more personal and unique. Keeping the end game in sight throughout the design process will help you bring the picture in your mind to life and allow you to create a great space.

Keep the Design Simple

You don’t need to cover the walls with Philadelphia sports memorabilia to create an impressive man cave. A neutral paint can serve as a foundation and allow you to mix and match the accent colors of your favorite Philadelphia sports team. Gray is still a hot neutral and can be mixed with deeper colors suitable for a game room or man cave. Dark woods add richness to a decor and can be incorporated with flooring, wood pallet walls, or even around a custom bar area. Don’t forget: This is your room to enjoy. Spend your budget on comfortable furnishings and save the more formal pieces for areas like the dining room. Think leather sofas and comfortable oversized chairs.

Pick a Focal Point

When you begin to set up the room, it’s easiest to start with a focal point in mind. For man caves where you plan to spend time watching Philadelphia sports, the television is of vast importance. Decide what wall best suits your entertainment system and structure the furnishings around the screen. Aside from the television, you may also consider adding a bar area or a pool table and use those fixtures as the center point for the room. It’s ultimately up to you to decide the purpose of the space. Will you be entertaining large groups or simply hanging out with a few friends?

Plan Your Display

Think about what you want to display in your man cave and include the appropriate framework in your design. If you have trophies or other knickknacks, consider adding shelving to one wall. Large photographs or artwork should have a designated space to hang. Ball claws allow you to display signed footballs or basketballs. You may also want to display items like glassware around the bar area.


Philadelphia sports-themed decor can be included in your man cave in a variety of unique and interesting ways. Framed retro jerseys can be used as wall art. Signed footballs or basketballs can be placed in cases and displayed around the room. Vintage photos of hall of fame players or older stadiums will evoke a sense of sports history and mesh well with a traditional, classic style. You may also want to choose seasonal items to display: for example, switching from Phillies items in the summer/fall to Flyers in the winter.

If you’ve always wanted a space to hang out and enjoy watching Philadelphia sports with your friends and family, you can easily convert your basement or an empty room into an entertainment area. You’ll be ready to host a baseball, hockey, or football party in no time!


Jennifer DiGiovanni is a freelance writer and a partner in a real estate investment firm focusing on residential properties. She previously worked in the financial services industry and has earned an MBA from Villanova University. Jennifer enjoys writing about real estate, home improvement and small business.

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