Renovating or Adding a Bathroom in NYC? Start Here

Renovating or adding a bathroom to your NYC home will help increase its value and your enjoyment of the space. Before you break down your first wall, there are a few key things you should think about.

Adding a bathroom to your NYC home or doing a full renovation on an existing one is pretty exciting stuff. Done right, a bathroom can be an oasis. Rather than simply being a pit stop, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. Beautiful kitchens and baths can bring up the value of your space, so it makes sense to renovate the one you have or add on an additional one. Before you break ground, figure out what you want your bathroom to deliver for you.

Figure Out Your Goals

Do you want your new bathroom to be the place where you can come and soak in a steaming hot bubble bath or take a super long shower after a tiring day? Is it an additional bathroom that will be used for kids or guests? Is it supposed to be your own private bathroom, away from the rest of the family? Will it be used to store a washer/dryer unit? Figuring out its use will help you determine your design.

Ge the Right Approvals

If you’re adding a bathroom to a brownstone you own, you probably have a lot of room to work with. If you’re adding a bathroom to a co-op or condo in a multi-unit building, you’ll be more limited in what you can do and how much space you can cut into. You’ll need to get board approval of your plans, and then you may need to work around the building’s rules regarding construction. Most buildings limit the hours and days contractors can be on site working. If you own a stand-alone home, you’ll still need to get work permits and approvals to move forward with construction. If you live in a landmarked building, you may face even more obstacles getting additions approved. Getting the right approvals ahead of time can save you major headaches down the road.

Settle on a Budget, with Some Room

Most renovations, whether they be large or small, tend to cost a whole lot more than their initial budgets. Once you work out a budget with your contractor, add padding to ensure that you have enough to cover unexpected surprises. How many people have broken down shower walls to expand a bathroom only to find moldy or rusted pipes in desperate need of repair? Adding extra padding to your budget can help ensure that you’re able to continue with your plans in the event of the unexpected.


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