Fill In a Pool to Eliminate the Expense

A swimming pool can require costly upkeep and repairs every year, take up too much yard space, or pose safety risks you’d rather avoid, especially if you have small children. If you want to fill in a pool, it’s not a simple or inexpensive process.

A swimming pool can make for some awesome backyard fun, and what is better than having your own place to jump in and cool off from the Las Vegas heat? Having this luxury can also require costly upkeep, take up too much yard space, and pose safety risks, especially if you have small children. If some or all the above apply in your case, and you want to fill in a pool, it is not a simple or inexpensive process.

Are You Sure You Want to Fill In a Pool?

As reported by the Las Vegas Sun, according to 2009 statistics, swimming pool density in the Las Vegas Valley topped 100,000, so odds are good that you have one shimmering in your backyard right now. Whether you have lived there for a while or just moved in, you may feel that the pool has less value for you and your family compared with the associated costs of repairs, yearly maintenance, increased taxes, and so forth. After considering all the advantages and disadvantages of a pool home, if you still feel it is not right for you, then you should begin to gather information and quotes.

Pool Building Knowledge = Pool Removal Knowledge

Ironically, a good place to start is with a reputable pool contractor in your area, who will be a useful source of information regarding what building codes and practices were in effect during the time when your pool was built. If you are unsure of the exact year, the contractor may be kind enough to stop by and provide an educated opinion. The Better Business Bureau has an accredited list of pool professionals in Las Vegas. Understanding how the pool was installed holds an invaluable key to knowing the way it will be removed.

Rules and Regs

Here again, the process of removal somewhat mimics installation: you will need to follow city building codes. Depending on where in the Valley you are located, you will consult with either the City of Las Vegas, City of Henderson, or City of North Las Vegas. It shouldn’t be necessary to involve Clark County Building Department; you may wish, however, to inquire there in the unlikely event that your particular property or situation falls under County oversight.

The basic guidelines for each jurisdiction have similar primary concerns:

  • Obtaining a demo permit (costs anywhere from $100 to $200)
  • Safely capping off sewer and electric lines
  • Ensuring proper drainage into approved ground/sewer drains (draining directly onto the street not allowed) and drilling requisite drainage holes for a permanent source of drainage to avoid the possibility of sink holes developing

You can expect at least two inspections throughout the process of filling in a pool. The City of Henderson will assign a Plan Checker for your project who can advise specific requirements for success at each inspection phase. Requirements for the City of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas are roughly the same.

Hire an Expert

The demolition contractor whom you hire should also know the necessary steps to fill in a pool with adherence to all required permitting and procedures. Pool It Out, a San Francisco-based company with a long history in the pool removal business, provides recommendations upon request for contractors in your area. Once your pool is a thing of the past, you can still make a splash at one of the parks with pools around the Valley; many neighborhoods also have community pools open to all residents.

Image Source: Don Cornelius

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