The Future of Grocery Shopping Is Smart and Seamless


I just had a “mayonnaise moment” and it involves Smart Homes…trust me read on and it will make sense.


One of my favorite movies as a young man was Night Shift.  And one of the famous lines was when Michael Keaton (Billy) told Henry Winkler’s character, “I am an idea man Chuck.” And he then followed up with my favorite movie line ever, “What if you mix…mayonnaise right in the can with the tunafish? Hold it! Hold it! Wait a minute! Chuck! Take live tuna fish…and feed them mayonnaise. Oh this is good. Call StarKist.”

Well, I may have had my mayonnaise moment and it involves Smart Homes.  More specifically Smart refrigerators.

You may have read about LG and Samsung coming out with models complete with cameras.  The concept is pretty cool.  You are at the supermarket and wonder if you need milk?  Just check your refrigerator app and look inside to see.

As time evolves, these refrigerators are going to eventually scan all of your products and know when something has been finished – since it never made it back inside.  Bang!  That product goes on an automated shopping list!

And as our refrigerators now learn our habits, it will know we go through milk every 4 days, so it will record milk on our list.  And for not refrigerated or freezer items, you simply add onto your list.

But here come’s my moment!  Someday, we will never need to step foot in the grocery store again.

Once the refrigerator connects with our Shop from Home feature at the supermarket and makes the order, which is done automatically after we review on our phones, the store compiles our purchase and charges us including a tip.

Then, because we have Smart Homes, our food will be delivered and put into the refrigerator by a trusted supermarket advisor.  The August lock will let them in.  Our Nest Cam turns on and we will watch as our refrigerator acknowledges the ordered items have been inserted.   They come in, load our groceries and then head out.  Door locks.

Now I imagine some really smart people have already figured out how this will happen, but if they haven’t and I’m speeding up the thought process…well then just say “Thanks Dave!”

Carla is the Director of Marketing Communications at Coldwell Banker Real Estate. She is passionate about connecting people and ideas - making her role pretty much a dream job. A born and bred Jersey Girl, Carla attended Rutgers University - twice - where she competed on the varsity crew team as an undergrad. Carla loves spending time with her husband, kids and dog; and at a good yoga class.

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