It’s a Good Thing These Scaredy Cats Have 9 Lives

This hilarious spot is just another example of why cats and dogs have so much trouble getting along!

Have you ever wondered where the phrases “fighting like cats and dogs” or “scaredy cat” came from?  Well, this spot may hold all of those answers! After the success of our Home’s Best Friends commercial, which highlighted the strong bond between our home, our family and our dogs, I am truly happy to see that our feline friends have joined the mix with the debut of our new spot “Fat Cat.”  This second feline spot “Scaredy Cat” features an intensely focused group of kitties who may be thinking about dinner plans with a little birdie, but soon realize that they aren’t the only ones making plans.

This spot reminded me of so many wonderful memories that our families have had since bringing home our very own scaredy cat.  In the interest of helping these very different species become friends, I wanted to share some tips and tricks that have helped us find peace in a dog and cat filled home.

Personality Tests
Regardless if you currently have a cat or dog living with you, it is important to realize that their personalities will play a large role in how they will get along with each other.  For example, if you rescued a cat that may have lived on the streets for a while, getting used to a new dog may be a daunting and lengthier experience.  Similarly, some dog breeds have stronger prey drives, which can be a serious consideration as a playing or running cat could trigger a hunting response.  Ultimately, you know your animal better than anyone else, so use your best judgement before introducing any new animal to your home.

First Impressions
For the initial introduction, I believe in starting with the basics.  A well trained dog that obeys general commands like “Stay”, “Leave It”,” Come”, etc… will go a long way to correct any unwanted behavior when they first meet.   We also relied on a short leash, which was always on for the early meetings.  Even when I wasn’t holding the leash, I would leave it on as it is a lot easier to grab than a charging dog.  In most cases, the dog just wants to play so remember to correct the behavior and follow it up with a treat when they respond to your commands.

A Space of Their Own
Establishing clear boundaries can help create a better living experience for all.  We have an area of our home sectioned off for felines only.  A simple baby gate will allow a cat to come and go feeling confident that they have their own space when they are nervous or tired.  They can simply hop the fence and have access to food, water and kitty litter at their leisure.  To help my cat feel more secure when visiting us in the dog filled living room, we set up a kitty condo to create an elevated safe haven.   The kitty condo also serves as a dinner table with a view, where a meal can be safely enjoyed high above their canine roommates.

No roommate is perfect and every relationship has challenges, but by taking the time to train your dog, properly introduce a new arrival and create a well-balanced living area you can have a home where cats and dogs are best of friends!

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  1. Connie
    November 17, 2016

    Omg I’m so excited to see you used my furbabies video

    • Lindsay Listanski
      December 2, 2016

      They are SO incredibly cute!


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