Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Owners

If you know someone who has a four legged friend and need to find the perfect gift, here are some fun and creative ideas for you to chew over.

With 65% of every home in the U.S. having 1 or more pets, chances are someone on your holiday list has a four legged friend at home.  As we saw in our “Home’s Best Friend” commercial, pets can become more than just a furry companion, but truly a member of the family.  If you know someone who has a four legged friend waiting for them at home and need to find the perfect gift, here are some fun and creative ideas for you to chew over.

Grooming Toys

Sitting down to groom can be a beautiful bonding experience between the owner and the pet, but can sometimes turn tense and stressful.  If your friend’s pet has become scared of the traditional brush, try turning the dreaded comb into their favorite toy.  If you want to bring the fun back to grooming, try the KONG ZoomGroom Grooming Toys. For under $10 bucks, these durable chew and play toys doubles as a soft hair removing brush.



Ball Launcher

Dogs can provide more than just sloppy kisses; they can inspire their owners to be more active.  For around $15, this nifty little toy will allow them to throw the ball for their dog like a major league pitcher.  The clever design will also keep their hands clean and slobber free.



Desktop Dogs

Even at work, those four legged friends are always top of mind.  These cute little desk organizers will not only help clean up a desk, but become a pleasant reminder of their faithful friend waiting at home.  So if you know someone with a pet and a messy desk, try one of these critters for about $20.



Paws and Prints

If you are looking for a more creative and personal gift, consider this shadow box display kit.  With a beautiful photo and a real paw print worthy of the Hollywood walk of fame, this table top display will be a favorite keepsake for years to come. For about $25 dollars, you will have all you need to create a safe and one-of-a-kind gift that will be sure to make a great impression.



Car Seat Saver

“Who wants to go to the park?”  The park can offer lots of exercise, socialization with other dogs and fun for everyone.  If you have been in your friend’s car and noticed muddy paw prints on the seats and grass on the floor, chances are they are regulars at their local park.  This creative hammock-like seat guard will keep their back seats looking good while taxing their pets back and forth from the park.  You can find one of these Orvis back seat savers for about $150.




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