Home Staging Tips: How to Sell a House in the Fall

Find out what home staging tips and techniques work best to sell houses in the real estate market during the autumn months. Learn how to balance fall-themed accents with neutrality and openness to buyers’ personal preferences.

Fall is a time for harvest, and nowhere is that more evident than in the growing North Texas housing market. With a healthy reputation for quality listings and quick sales, the Dallas-Fort Worth area yields more than just food for thought when it comes to real estate. These home staging tips will ensure that your home appeals to buyers and remains the cream of the crop during the autumn months.

Tempt Buyers to Fall for Your Decor

Warmth and coziness are synonymous with autumn and can make your home especially inviting to buyers who are in the market for homes during this season. Spruce up your home’s interior with yellow, orange, red, and brown to color buyers’ perceptions. Place artificial foliage with seasonal flowers in vases. While accentuating your home, these floral displays can also pull it together, if you place them throughout your home.

Fruit and vegetables that inspire thoughts of warm holidays like pumpkins, squash, and other gourds, can offer a visual treat to potential buyers. Greet interested parties with a large pumpkin at the entrance to your home or dot your kitchen with the miniature variety. If you’re feeling especially crafty, buy some woken baskets and hay and create little displays.

Illuminate potential buyers’ path to home ownership by placing autumn-colored candles in the middle of your dining table or on your mantle. For an extra quick and quirky touch, place walnuts and acorns into decorative jars. Seasonal decorations like these can elevate a home’s value and bring it into a contemporary space in the eyes of buyers, especially if it’s on the older side.

Consider changing your accents like pillows, throws, and bedding in your living room and bedrooms so that they better reflect the season. If you can, choose items made out of natural fibers like cotton. The look and textures of these fabrics convey naturalness and authenticity. Vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger tickle the olfactory senses and can immediately conjure up great season-specific memories. Toast some pumpkin seeds or bake a batch of homemade cookies to make buyers feel like they’re at home.

Set the Stage Outside

When the autumn winds start blowing, it can be just as important to banish wayward, falling leaves from your yard as it is to usher potential buyers into your home. Rake excess and dying foliage and consider pruning your trees and shrubs for a neat and appealing appearance. Remember that unkempt yards can convey challenging maintenance, which can turn off some buyers. If your garden’s plants and flowers are out of season, invest in some potted, fall-friendly greenery with which to line your walkway. Welcome buyers with an autumn-themed wreath on your front door, so that they’re greeted by the warm sights of fall before they even set foot inside in your home.

Other Considerations

While it can be tempting to decorate your home with a variety of autumn knick knacks, remember that your goal should be to make your home cozy and not cloying. Feel free to add to fall-themed accents to your home, but allow your visitors enough mental space to envision your home as their own. With the right home staging tips and a great balance between the celebratory and inviting, potential buyers will see beyond the caprices of spring, the dog days of summer, and warm up to your house in the fall.

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