Home Trends for New Yorkers: Pin This, Follow That

Clipping magazines to document home trends gave way long ago to social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Now your next kitchen inspiration is a mere click or follow away. The following sites are a good place to find ideas for your next design job.

Instagram and Pinterest are virtual — ha, ha — gold mines for New Yorkers looking for home trends and design inspiration for their 350-square-foot studios or their classic six spreads. There’s nothing more relaxing than grabbing a cup of tea, curling up in your jammies, and scrolling through the feeds of people who’ve got impeccable, aspirational style. The great thing about these social media sites is that they bring the world to your living room, so your New York apartment can be decked out with ideas from a kitchen bungalow in Sydney, a seaside villa in Cape Town, and a bohemian vintage-style bedroom in Tribeca.

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

If you’re looking for inspiration from someone who’s got amazing taste and who’s willing and daring enough to go after exactly what she wants — all while making you laugh — Victoria Elizabeth Barnes is your woman. Sure, her home is an 1890s Victorian situated outside of Philadelphia and not a NYC studio, but this woman knows value and good bones when she sees it. She’s a Craigslist Queen, scoring amazing finds for rock-bottom prices. If you’re looking for inspiration or you’re just looking for a chuckle with a cup of tea in the afternoon, check out her blog, her Instagram or her Pinterest.


You’ve moved into your new space, but you’re at a loss regarding how to go about making it your own special place. Enter Homepolish. Not only can you browse this design company’s Instagram account for the latest home trends, but you can also book one of the company’s interior designers. That designer can work with you on something as simple as a closet redo or as extensive as a brownstone redesign. Rates are affordable; three hours worth of time will cost you $349, a relative bargain in the high-priced NYC interior design milieu. If you’re not ready to commit yet or you have no plans to hire a designer, you can still lose yourself in the company’s Instagram account or blog.


Brooklyn-based Athena Calderon’s Eyeswoon Instagram account is the perfect escape for people who are looking for a relaxed, clean aesthetic with slightly bohemian leanings. A combination foodie and design destination, the mesmerizing Eyeswoon site is ideal for people who recognize that food and interior design are often inextricably intertwined. You’ll get lost for days in her beautifully written blog, most likely coming away with at least a great idea or two.

The Selby

If the idea of getting lost in the homes of your favorite art, music, foodie, film, television, or design stars makes you feel as if you’ll burst right open, put the medics on speed dial because you’re about to get lost in the deliciously addictive world of New Yorker Todd Selby. This photographer, blogger, and fashion and design lover has been photographing the homes of the most fantastically creative people in the world for years. This site is perfect for those who always wondered how those who design and create for others design and create their own homes.


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