7 Homes that Look Like X-Mansion Stunt Doubles

While Coldwell Banker has listed the fictional address for Professor X’s 18th century estate, we found these 7 amazing real-life homes that have an “uncanny” resemblance to the X-Mansion.

Professor Charles Xavier’s enviable telepathic powers are nothing short of impressive, but give me his imposing 24+ bedroom waterfront estate in Westchester, New York any day of the week. Who needs to control the minds of others when you can control the X-Mansion’s one-of-a-kind communications hub and fully retractable regulation basketball court that conveniently conceals an underground jet hangar? You know, for those impromptu trips to Paris or to save the world?

Professor X gets all the credit in the world for turning his home into a “School for Gifted Youngsters”, but I am of the opinion that he doesn’t get enough credit for his superb taste in home decor. Seriously. From the X-Mansion’s stately wood floors and walls, on over to the moody lighting and impressive stained glass windows that bathe his library in warm hues of natural light – his penchant for design is otherworldly…or mutant-like.

As we learned in Inside the Mansion, though the X-Mansion has a real address, the 18th century estate came to life mainly through the genius special effects work. Luckily for you, we’ve done some searching on coldwellbanker.com to find a few homes that look rather similar to the X-Mansion. They may not sport ultra-secret jet hangars, but they have many of the same design touches you’d find in Xavier’s “School for Gifted Youngsters.”

First, here are a few photos to remind us how beautiful the X-Mansion is:

Now, let’s meet some if its doppelgängers from homes in places like Connecticut, Canada and Los Angeles!

10 Rapids Lane – Greenwich, Connecticut

This English Country home literally looks like it was plucked off the set of X-Men: Apocoaplyse. Its massive glass windows along with its use of stone and wood throughout bear a remarkable resemblance to Professor Xavier’s home.  Being located in Greenwich means that it is also a stone’s throw away from New York City.

Listed at $12,500,000 by Tamar Lurie with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

14 N 2941 Co Road – Kremmling, Colorado

This high plains ranch set on over 6,000 acres is thousands of miles away from Westchester, but it replicates much of what makes the X-Mansion so stunning. Towering windows, stone fireplaces and a industrious use of wood make this over 20,000 square foot home every bit as aesthetically significant as Charles Xavier’s.

Listed at $39,800,000 by Dennis Saffell with Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties.

10664 Bellagio Rd – Los Angeles, California

If you can’t have the X-Mansion, I can pretty much guarantee you wouldn’t be too sad about having to “settle” for this glorious estate overlooking the Bel-Air Country Club.  If Professor X was ever in the mood for a west coast move, I could see him falling in love with this ultra sophisticated space, which is perfect for reading a good book or channeling one’s telepathic energies.

Listed at: $37,500,000 by Jerry Jolton with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

1322 North Astor Street – Chicago, Illinois

If you fell in love with the X-Mansion’s library, then take a look at this cozy reading/working space in a spiffy Chicago brownstone. This 8,000 square foot home wasn’t built in the 1700’s, but it’s not exactly a new construction either – as it was built in the 1890s. Much like the X-Mansion, this pristine home has been upgraded throughout the years and is a perfect mix of old and new.

Listed at $7,200,000 by Meladee Hughes with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

8602 N 58th Place – Paradise Valley, Arizona

Once again we see Professor X’s dramatic wood motif being applied in this resort-like estate in Arizona. After you finish reading and mediating in this zen den, the home has plenty of outdoor space and a pool area that would make most 5 star hotels jealous.

Listed at: $4,495,000 by Laura Joyner with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

5415 Mohican Road – Bethesda, Maryland

It wasn’t Professor Xavier who once said, “You can never make a second first impression,” but that’s applicable here. The X-Mansion is a testament to taking your breath away before you ever step foot inside, and so is this 19th century stone mansion. The stunning stone facade exudes class and resembles the entrance to the X-Mansion.

Listed at $4,449,000 by Diana Keeling with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

20 Wycliffe ME, Watermark – Rural Rocky View County, Alberta, Canada

This unique bungalow in western Canada features a stone exterior that pays homage to the kind of craftsmanship embodied by the Dutch settlers who built the X-Mansion way back in the 1700s. The outside of this mountain retreat pays its respects to the past, but the ultra-modern interior embraces the new in a major way.

Listed at $2,688,189 by Ali Khalil with Coldwell Banker Mountain Central


If you’d like to see more of the real X-Mansion in all its glory, be sure to hit the theaters to see X-Men: Apocalypse starting on May 27th.

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