Interior Design Styles and Ideas for NYC Lofts


When it comes to interior design styles for lofts, you may feel overwhelmed and confused as to where to begin. Although they create specific challenges, lofts are essentially rooms without interior walls.


If you’re looking for interior design styles for a new loft space in NYC, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Lofts, though beautiful, can be a decorating challenge for the uninitiated. How do you decorate what is essentially one large room and do it in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re furnishing a small concert hall? How can you make it look interesting? The following tips can help.

High Ceilings? Play Them Up!

Many lofts have high ceilings and long stretches of walls. If you have them in your space, play them up! Most people can just stare at wistfully giant, large-scale art, wishing they had the space in their homes to display it. You’ll actually be able to buy it and hang it. Grand proportions deserve bold furnishings, so if your decorating tastes swing that way, jump in with both feet. Large scale paintings, huge sculptures, tall or wide bookcases . . . explore them all. Your goal should be to play up and play with the size and depth of the room, not diminish.

Play with Paint Color

Use color smartly when it comes to interior design styles. If you’ve got a loft with small square footage, you’ll want to paint it to appear as large and spacious as possible. Most people know that light colors open up a space, making the walls recede back and helping it feel larger. If your home has details like molding, trim, exposed piping and columns, painting those elements a different color from the rest of the space can help draw attention to those details.

Don’t Turn It Into a Cottage

Lofts have a very distinct style, so if you choose a loft, it’s because you want one. You don’t choose a loft to make it into a country-style cottage. Choose furnishings that complement the contemporary feel of the space, including sleek low sofas and furnishings made of natural materials like wood, steel, and glass. Sleek doesn’t have to mean cold. You can add softness to your loft space through the use of texture. A soft wool throw draped over a Jean Prouvé leather chair screams comfort. A sheepskin rug on the floor (faux or real) is a cozy welcome home.

Create “Rooms”

Decorating a loft can feel tricky because you’re dealing with one wide open space, a space which can end up feeling overwhelming. By cutting the room down into sections, you end up creating an environment that feels a lot more livable and manageable. Create a space for sitting and relaxing, a sleeping area, a space for eating, and possibly a space for working. You can section off different areas through the use of elements like rugs, wall color, and furniture placement. Lighting is another great way to distinguish sections of a room. A chandelier may hang over your “dining room,” while an arc floor lamp can help light the area of your loft that you’ve dedicated for your “home office.”


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