For “The Wizard” Ozzie Smith – There’s No Place Like Home

The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer takes us inside the home of The Wizard of Oz.

Last week we stepped inside newly promoted Yankees’ closer, Dellin Betances, home in New York, but this week we head to the Midwest to peek inside the home of the Wizard of Oz – St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith.

Ozzie Smith was known for being one of the greatest shortstops to ever field the position. His cartwheels and back flips were a must-see when he took the field for every home game in St. Louis. Today, Ozzie Smith enjoys a much more laid-back lifestyle, but the Wizard certainly knows there’s no place like home.

What I love about this latest installment in the Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage video series is how relaxed and inviting Ozzie Smith is showing his home. I felt like a guest and that I got a little slice of what life is like at home. In the first 20 seconds you’ll be amazed at the stained-glass front door that was custom created for him and commemorates various milestones of not just his playing career but his family life as well. And that backyard par 3 hole? Oh man, I’m jealous.

From a fully furnished workout room to keep him on his game to a beautiful kitchen for whipping up a gourmet meal, Ozzie Smith has a home that I’m pretty sure you could see yourself living in. And that lounge chair on the porch looks super comfy.

Watch the video above to see how St. Louis Cardinals legend, Ozzie Smith, makes his house a home. And if you’re curious, there’s a few nice places for sale if you want to be close to where the Cardinals call home too.


Header image courtesy of Flickr user Arturo Pardavila III

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