Line Up for Line Dancing in Dallas

Find out where to go line dancing in Dallas and experience authentic Texas nightlife. Know which line dancing hot spots are best for traditional country two-stepping and which welcome fans of contemporary music.

If you’re a recent Lone Star State transplant and want to experience a few authentically Texan nights out, then cut a rug with your newly-minted boot spurs by going line dancing in Dallas. Whether you want to step onto the scene by bursting through old-fashioned saloon doors or politely making your way past an orderly queue and a bouncer, Dallas has the club, dance hall, or watering hole with the footloose country flavor you’re craving.

Billy Bob’s Texas

Billed as the “world’s largest honky tonk,” Billy Bob’s Texas has a sizable promise in rattlesnake boots to fill. Luckily, Billy Bob’s measures up and offers a complete country and western experience for all those who visit. As grand as Texas itself, this venue boasts a nightclub, hosts concerts, and offers fantastic eateries. Authentic Texas entertainment includes watching cowboys go buck wild while riding bulls. If you want to polish your boot scootin’ skills before showing them off in public, Billy Bob’s also provides line dancing lessons for couples.

Adair’s Saloon

Texan DNA runs so deep that you can even find line dancing in some of Dallas’ legendary creative havens. Located in the artsy and funky Deep Ellum neighborhood, Adair’s Saloon is one of the best places to get your line dancing fix. Adair’s has a long tradition of respecting country customs, as it’s one of the oldest bars in town. As a noteworthy live music destination, it provides the perfect solution for the spontaneous urge to move your boots along a dance floor.

Cowboys Red River

If you’re looking for a hopping spot that will allow you to literally kick up your heels all night long, then Cowboys Red River will fit the bill. At this lively venue, you can line up for line dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Touted as a “honky tonk party,” Cowboys Red River will jog your memory and remind you of your favorite recent celebrations while enveloping you in traditional two-stepping. Tap your toes to the house band’s catchy melodies or master true cowboy swagger during the dancing lessons offered several times a week.

The Round-Up Saloon

The custom of line dancing in Dallas spans across generations, genres, and lifestyles. The Round-Up Saloon can be a great choice for young and trendy folks who want to put their own twist on the tradition of country dancing. Best of all, it’s an inclusive club with patrons who will tip their hats to you, even if you’re new to line dancing, a fresh face on the scene, or don’t subscribe to the typical country and western fan stereotype.

Midnight Rodeo

New residents of Dallas who have a cursory knowledge of line dancing might enjoy a late-night run to Midnight Rodeo. This establishment acknowledges that country music doesn’t exist in a vacuum — even in Dallas — and applies a liberal dash of non-western swing music to their lineup of tunes. Should you want to try a bit of line dancing in between jamming to the latest Top 40 hits, let Midnight Rodeo lasso you through its doors. At this hot spot, the pressure’s off to live and breathe the country lifestyle, but the expectation of having fun is loud and clear every night.


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