Luxury Home Decor on a Budget: How to Get the Home of Your Dreams!

Are you dreaming of a luxurious and beautifully decorated home? With careful planning and strategic shopping, it’s possible to get luxury home decor on a budget. Here’s how to get a look you can afford!

Are you dreaming of a luxurious and beautifully decorated DFW home but aren’t sure where to find the funds to get it?

With careful planning, you can get the look of luxury home decor on a budget. Here’s how!

Create a Budget

Before you buy a thing, make sure to set a budget. Creating a budget will help you avoid wasting money on items you don’t need or that don’t fit your decor vision.

When creating your budget, keep in mind that you don’t need to have all the money upfront. Make a savings plan and add a little to your decorating fund every paycheck. You can also raise money by selling furniture you no longer love, holding a yard sale, or making your lattes at home. Get creative!

Luxury Home Decor on a Budget

Make a Plan

Making a plan is key to getting luxury home decor on a budget. Determine what you need to buy (furniture, lighting, accessories, etc.), then use your budget to help you figure out how much you’ll spend on each item. Write it all down so you can refer back to it later when you’re tempted to buy something that’s not essential.

At this point, you’ll also want to create a vision board. How do you want your home to look? What style are you going for? If you’re not sure where to start, search Pinterest and Houzz for ideas. Gather everything you like, then narrow it down to create a cohesive look. You can even create a virtual design using Olioboard.

Start with the Big Pieces First

Once you’ve set your budget and vision, it’s time to start shopping! You’ll want to purchase the big ticket items, like furniture, first.

Furniture is pricey, so shop smart. Sign up for emails from your favorite stores, and they’ll send you coupons and sale notices. Get to know the sales people at your favorite DFW stores, and they’ll let you know about promotions. Scour Craigslist for deals on furniture or shop a local consignment store.

Never settle for anything you don’t love! Creating luxury home decor on a budget takes time, patience, and persistence.

Luxury Home Decor on a Budget: Start with the Big Pieces First

Do It Yourself

DIY projects are the perfect way to save money on home decor. All you need is a little time and elbow grease!

Start with items you already own that don’t quite fit your vision. Do you have a dresser that’s dark and dingy? Update it with new paint and hardware. You can do the same with dated kitchen cabinets. Choose a fabric you love, then use it to make a pair of custom curtains or a pillow for your couch. It’s even possible, and not as hard as you’d think, to DIY your own artwork.

If you don’t have much DIY experience, start small. You’ll gain confidence and will be ready to tackle that bathroom demo in no time!

Add Accessories Last

Accessories are exciting to shop for, but if you have lot of big ticket items on your shopping list, make sure to save the accessories for last. There’s nothing worse than realizing your favorite pillow doesn’t go with your new couch, or the lamp you fell in love with clashes with an expensive chair!

Choose accessories that will add a luxurious finishing touch. Using a mix of textures, rich metals, and vibrant colors will take your room to the next level.

Luxury Home Decor on a Budget: Add Accessories Last

Most important: have fun! Creating the luxurious home of your dreams should be an enjoyable experience!


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