Protect Against Floods with Flood Insurance

In light of the floods in Louisiana, flood insurance and the effort to protect against floods are in the thoughts of homeowners and renters alike. Flood insurance is available to homeowners and renters, and most of the components of a home are covered.

In light of the floods in Louisiana, flood insurance and the effort to protect against floods are in the thoughts of homeowners and renters alike.

Flood Risk

In some areas, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has determined a floodplain to isolate the areas that are prone to flooding. By obtaining a flood certificate, your insurance carrier can establish where your home is on the FEMA map and that will tell you how much flood insurance will cost you to protect against floods. Most people are not aware that standard insurance does not cover a flood, even if you have a leak or a toilet overflow while you are away on vacation. It doesn’t take a natural disaster to cause a flood in your home. In fact your home is more likely to have flood damage than damage caused by a fire. A minor leak can cause major damage to your home, not to mention the cost of cleanup and replacing destroyed personal belongings.

Insurance Coverage

Flood insurance is available to homeowners and renters. Most of the components of your home are covered by flood insurance: built-in appliances, electrical, plumbing, drywall, and flooring. Personal property is covered for homeowners and renters who purchase flood insurance. Looking towards Louisiana and the amount of devastation caused by the floods in that area, the fact that debris removal is covered by most flood insurance is a huge relief. Even a small flood can cause a huge mess and is not something anyone who finds themselves in this kind of disaster needs to be thinking about. The damage that water can do to your home and your belongings can be far reaching. Mold and mildew can be an issue. Disaster relief companies can help to minimize loss by bringing in blowers to help dry everything out. Cronic Disaster Services in Redding can help with water damage restoration and work with your insurance carrier. Most insurance companies sell flood insurance, but take a good look at your policy. Make sure you are covered to protect against floods and getting the most coverage for your premium. Some flood damage would mean not being able to stay in your home, so you need to know if your insurance will cover your stay while the damage is being repaired. Michael Trammell of Farmers Insurance in Redding, can sit down with you and go over your options.

There is nothing like peace of mind knowing you, your home and your belongings are covered in case of an emergency like a flood.


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