You Might Hate Yourself For Buying One Of These

the hardest part of waking up in the morning is actually getting out of bed

I recently discovered I could set the alarm clock on my iPhone to one of my favorite songs. The only problem is I am a compulsive snooze-button pusher and have since ruined the song for not only myself but my husband as well. (He now cringes when this song comes on the radio…oops)

For me, and I am sure many can agree, the hardest part of waking up in the morning is actually getting out of bed. My plush pillow, warm down comforter and comfy pjs make is next to impossible.

If you are like me and have trouble getting up because of the Snooze Button then I know you will also love this post I found from Woman’s Day that lays out the most jarring but effective ways to wake up.
Granted if you buy one of these you will no doubt hate yourself but I guarantee you will rise and shine faster than ever.


Blast Off
The Rocket Launcher alarm clock will really “launch” you from your bed. When the alarm goes off, it shoots a rocket off in your room, and the only way to turn it off is to locate the rocket and place it back on the launch pad.

Get Up, Stand Up

The toughest part about waking up for many people is physically getting out of bed. Luckily, the Carpet Alarm Clock helps you work through the hard part, by forcing you to stand up and step on the mat to turn it off.


and for those who REALLY hate themselves…

Don’t Drop the Bomb

You know that moment in a movie when the hero has mere seconds to dismantle a bomb before it explodes? You can experience that excitement every morning with the alarm clock. When the Banpresto DangerBomb alarm goes off, a series of loud explosive noises will sound until you’ve successfully disconnected the correct wire.

Check out the full list of insane alarm clocks here: Best Alarm Clocks – 10 Funny Alarm Clocks and Reviews

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