National Gingerbread Day

We are counting down the top-5 gingerbread houses in the world, and their real-life doppelgangers, on National Gingerbread Day!

Today is the most important day of the year. Well maybe not REALLY the most important, but maybe the most delicious?  It is a day to take a nostalgic look back at one of our favorite parts of the winter before the summer heat wave begins: National Gingerbread Day.

According to legend, National Gingerbread Day celebrates the memory of an Armenian Monk named Gregory who introduced gingerbread to Europe in the 990s.  And to celebrate the monk’s passion for this treat, we are showcasing the top-5 gingerbread houses in the world, and their real life doppelgangers, on this most hallowed of national holidays.  I wonder what Gregory would think of our rankings…

Number 5:


Photo courtesy of Flickr user m01229

The 5th best gingerbread house in the world has enough windows to make even the most melancholy of gingerbread men smile in the sunshine.  It also has a roof that is guaranteed to taste better than more traditional building material.

Gingerbread 4 Long LN Bedminster Twp NJ

This “Weatherstone Farm” is located at 255 Long Ln in Bedmister Twp, NJ.  Listed by Sandra Laughlin for $10,700,000.

The slate roof on this New Jersey home may be a little more practical than the roof on the #5 gingerbread house in our countdown, but I’m still partial to the red and green dots to protect my head at night.  In addition to the plethora of windows and French doors giving views of majestic sunsets, this home sits on 128 spectacular rolling acres and features a 22 stall English style stable, custom kitchen and 7 fireplaces.

See more of this incredible property here!

Number 4:


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Brian Shamblen.

I grew up in the 90s which means I am a fan of anything that glows in the dark.  Yes, I still have glow in the dark stars adorning the ceiling of my room and I will never throw away my Velcro light-up sneakers. This is why I appreciate the effort in making this multi-storied gingerbread house truly nocturnal.

Gingerbread 5 E Mercer WY Mercer Island WA

This waterfront estate on Mercer Island, Washington is listed by Patricia Wallace for $5,695,000.

Although the multi-storied house on this Mercer Island home is just as illuminating as the #4 gingerbread house, it has way too little icing for my liking.  If you can get past that omission, this Washington home sports a cascading garden Koi pond, spectacular pool, swim spa and sauna.

See more of this incredible property here!


Number 3:


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Selena N. B. H.

The attention to detail on this gingerbread house is second to none with the double chimney, steps leading to the front door and ivy growing around the porch.  They absolutely nailed the rustic feel.

Gingerbread 3 Calle Amigo Murrieta CA

This five acre home is located at 37937 Calle Amigo in Murrieta, California for $1,095,000, and listed by Barbara Walker.

Like the gingerbread house that takes our #3 spot, this home also has a wrap-around front porch.  Unlike the gingerbread house, the logs on this California home are made from pillars from Montana with a tongue groove ceiling.  It also sits on a five acre parcel, surrounded by ancient oak trees.

See more of this incredible property here!


Number 2:


Image courtesy of Flickr user David Bailey

There’s a red house over yonder, baby.  But in this case, over yonder is Hong Kong and they clearly don’t mess around with their gingerbread houses.  What makes this gingerbread house #2 on our countdown is the gorgeous curb appeal.

Gingerbread 2 Albion Steet Denver CO

This charming Tudor style home is located in Denver, Colorado at 362 Albion Street and is listed by Wade Perry for $850,000.

The Hong Kong gingerbread house’s bright red exterior is definitely festive, but I think the red-bricks here are a little sturdier.  The proximity to downtown Denver with its restaurants, major leagues sports venues, museums and theaters makes this home all the more appealing.

See more of this incredible property here!


Number 1:


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Momo

This is one of the most impressive things (gingerbread related) I have ever seen.  I don’t think I would make it past building the door frame before I broke down and started eating every piece of material.  This is the Versailles of gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread 1 Golf Club Greenwich CT

This picturesque Greenwich, Connecticut home is located at 14 Golf Club Road and listed by Joe Valvano for $6,095,000.

The abundance of windows here brings in way more natural light than the #1 gingerbread house, but then again, who needs light when you have an entire house to eat.  This Greenwich, Connecticut home also features a pub room with fireplace, billiard room and game room.  If all that activity worked up an appetite, grab a bite to eat in the fabulous gourmet kitchen with cathedral ceiling!

See more of this incredible property here!

Have you seen a gingerbread house that blows these out of the water?  Take a picture and let us know!

Note: Not all houses shown above are edible.


Is gingerbread not your thing?  It is also National Doughnut Day!


Header image via Wikimedia Commons

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