NYC Summer Decor Fashioned in Big Apple Style

Fresh summer decor honors fun in the sun allowing New Yorkers to change up the furnishings to celebrate fresh air, sunshine, and city vistas. Put away the elegant velvet drapes and heavy bedding to let the happiness of summer take over.

Fresh summer decor honors fun in the sun allowing New Yorkers to change up the furnishings to celebrate fresh air, sunshine, and city vistas. Put away the elegant velvet drapes and heavy bedding to let the happiness of summer take over. So take a step outside of your NYC abode to have fun searching out the creative decor choices that are offered in this wonderful city.

Let the Sun Shine In

The colder months are for hibernating and staying cozy and warm. The summer months are the perfect time to allow the sun to come in to the home to bring cheeriness and welcome the longer days. Pack away the heavy winter drapery and exchange them for translucent window sheers that add a touch of soft elegance while letting the sunshine to beam through. Add plantation blinds behind for privacy and an added decor dimension that can easily be opened up for the daylight hours. Manhattan Window Fashion has an array of choices that makes shopping to switch out seasonal window treatments fun and easy.

Accessorize for Summertime

Decorative pillows and throws add dimension and a designer touch to your summer decor. They are also very easy to change to commemorate a new season as well as special holidays. There’s no need to change out complete pillows: Simply purchase pillow covers in bright tropical colors or red, white, and blue to make existing pillows new for the bright summer season. Marimekko on New York City’s 5th Avenue is the place to go to find unique pillow covers to instantly change up the look of a sofa or bed to celebrate the sunnier months.

Bedding to Celebrate Summer

Cold New York City weather is all about snuggling under a heavy down comforter for warmth. Summer offers the perfect chance to let the bed breathe. Remove the layers of bedding and replace them with lightweight quilts in bright and fun colors that match the blooms outside, or use soft blues and tans to reflect the seaside beach. Gracious Home is the perfect New York City store for discovering lovely bedding. While there, shop for additional decorative accents like throw pillows and bathroom decor.

Summer Artfully Displayed

Art adds a special touch to the home, and it also speaks about those who reside within. Swapping artwork will brighten up the decor perfectly to rejoice in the beauty of summertime. Carefully store away the winter scenes in order to hang colorful motifs and beach scenes in light wood and white frames. Shop Room & Board in Chelsea or Soho for wonderful artwork, and pick up a few brilliant ideas on how to design your own home gallery.

Nautical is Perfect Summer Decor Mate

In a home within a city surrounded by water nautical decor naturally speaks summertime beauty. Froy is ready to help you set sail for the summer season with new accessories. Send the heavy wool rug out for cleaning and storage in exchange for a lovely natural area rug reminiscent of calming white sand. A summer decor should be as relaxing as a day on the beach. Add a bit of summertime interest to the your New York City home with a driftwood base lamp and a couple of sailing vessel reproductions displayed on a table or shelf.


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