Preparing for an East Coast Snow Storm

Philadelphia is a city that’s sometimes prone to drastic changes in the weather, including East Coast snow storms. But with preparation, you’ll be just fine during a Philly winter. Here are some tips every Philadelphia homeowner can use this winter.

Philadelphia is an East Coast city that’s sometimes prone to drastic changes in the weather. One day it can be a beautiful springlike day, and the next there’s an East Coast snow storm on the way. Winter snow storms bring a number of responsibilities for property owners, including shoveling walkways and preparing your Philadelphia property for the icy temperatures. Take note of these important tips to prepare in advance for a possible winter storm.

Keep at Least 10 Bags of Rock Salt On Hand

One year in recent East Coast history, it was nearly impossible to find rock salt. All the stores were sold out, and even local townships didn’t have salt to use to make roads safer for travel. So make it a point each year before the wintertime in Philly to purchase plenty of rock salt for your sidewalk, walkway, and driveway in case you have snow storms during the season. Always keep at least 10 bags available in storage.

Get Supplies

When an East Coast snow storm makes the roads difficult to traverse, authorities will usually recommend that you stay inside until the snow begins to melt. So it’s a good idea to fill your pantry with plenty of supplies, in case you can’t drive for a few days during a snow storm. Also, if the power goes out (which sometimes happens when ice and wind overwhelm the power grid), you’ll need supplies to keep you and your family comfortable. Here’s a short list of things to buy and store in case of winter storms:

  • Dry and canned foods
  • Dry pet food for family pets
  • Ice to keep your food cold in case of a power outage
  • Flashlights and first aid kits
  • Battery-powered radio and/or TV
  • Batteries of all sizes
  • Candles and battery-powered lanterns
  • Cellphones with fully charged batteries and portable chargers
  • Extra medication, in case you can’t make it to a pharmacy safely
  • Alternate heating source (like a fireplace or backup generator to run electric heaters)

Snow angel
Image Source: Flickr/Saskia Heijltjes

Winterize Your Home

When snow covers the area around your home after a storm, your heating system is going to have to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Spend time in advance of an East Coast snow storm to thoroughly winterize your home to reduce heating costs. Here are a few important steps:

  • Use plastic sheeting kits to cover all of your windows; they’re very affordable, simple to install, and effective at keeping out cold air.
  • Add a door sweep to any doors in your home that are letting cold air inside.
  • Cover your water pipes with foam installation; these are circular rolls available at your local home improvement store that are designed to fit over standard 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch pipes.

Visit FEMA’s website for more important tips about preparing your home for the winter.

With preparation, you’ll be just fine this winter in Philadelphia — even if there’s an East Coast snow storm or two to contend with. When you stock up on supplies and take the time to properly winterize your home the only thing you’ll probably have to think about is who will make the best snow angel in your front yard!

Main Image Source: Flickr/Kevin Burkett


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