Does Samsung Have the Easiest Way to Make Any Home a Smart Home?

SmartThings aims to be the smartest thing to make your home a bit smarter.

Everyone wants their home to be smarter. Even the biggest of Luddites can admit that the idea of your home adjusting temperatures to your personal preference upon arrival is pretty enticing. Oh and if it can fold your laundry for you? Sure, I’ll take that too.

But turning your plain, old home into a smart home can often feel like a costly and daunting task. Even if I own a few smart products that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s instantly smart. How do I get my devices to talk to each other and automate things so it’s the nirvana that everyone who talks about smart homes makes it out to be?

That’s where Samsung steps in. Samsung SmartThings seeks to be the simplest way to turn any home into a smart home. Take a look at the interview we did with Abbie Byrom of Samsung SmartThings to showcase just what can be done to make your home just a bit smarter.

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