We Shoot, You Score

Not only do we make memorable advertisements, we have high scores to prove it.

Why does advertising matter? Advertising may be your client’s first exposure to your brand, or it might be the continual exposure that reminds people you exist and why they should choose you. Do you have a catchy jingle? Do you have a well-known spokesperson? Do you target your audience’s emotions? Every brand has their own way of doings things to make their advertising memorable.


Not only do we make memorable advertisements, we have high scores to prove it. This is especially true since our national advertising campaigns have scored highest in effectiveness for the real estate category 5 years running according to Ace Metrix (BTW, they are the leader in measuring the impact of TV and digital advertising through a 3rd party scoring system). At Coldwell Banker, our affiliated agents benefit from our successful advertising because it builds a level of trust with the consumer, while also establishing leadership in the industry with a reputable name.

  1. Fact: “Old Dog, New Dog” which tells the story of how a dog can help complete a home, was ranked as the highest-rated real estate ad of 2018. The ad tells this story while also promoting the Homes for Dogs Project in partnership with Adopt-A-Pet.com. Agents were hosting these Homes for Dogs events and we wanted to shine a light on the work our network does every day. After all, the best stories are based on truth.
  2. Fact: What’s the highest rated real estate ad ever? Our 2017 “Somebody to Love” ad! “Old Dog, New Dog” was the second-highest-rated real estate ad ever right behind it.
  3. Fact: We got 38 million media impressions from our ad “Hoops” that ran during March Madness. “Hoops” showed a young boy struggling with the idea of moving somewhere new. The agent empathizes with this boy and shows him how he can turn the driveway into a basketball court to make it feel like home.

After looking at the facts, it’s clear that our advertising is a step above the rest. This is important to us because our advertising gives our brand a platform to showcase our personality while also generating massive exposure. Giving our network the capability to customize these ads increases exposure even more. Customized versions of these national ads give our agents the opportunity to have their marketing be sophisticated and unique to them.

Being a Coldwell Banker agent means that you have a combination of high-level exposure and well-liked advertising to help differentiate you and establish you as a market leader.

If you want to be part of a brand with the most effective advertising in the industry, visit coldwellbanker.com/careers to find out why your next move should be with the Coldwell Banker brand.

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