Selfie, Selfie in My Hand, Who’s the Prettiest on YouCam?

Try on the new trendy lipstick shade or get a full makeover in the comfort of your home. YouCam Makeup is the smartest beauty app.

Going to a beauty store and trying on new beauty products can be fun. Midnight black matte eyeshadow, creamy micro sparkle highlighter, paradise shimmer bronzer, razor thin liquid eyeliner, shimmery rose champagne—wait, no—vibrant red-orange blush. Within 5 minutes of experimenting, you run out of space on your face. Subsequently, your hands look like a Funfetti decoupage DIY project gone rogue. So you grab the makeup remover and start over. Rinse and repeat.

What if we told you, you can still have fun trying on new cosmetics without the hassle? Yes, it’s true.  You can (or shall we say YouCam) try on new products and get makeovers instantly in the comfort of your home just by using the camera on your phone or tablet, thanks to YouCam Makeup. YouCam Makeup is a beauty app that uses facial mapping technology to give you an instant makeover. Just watch our gorgeous Senior Manager of Media Engagement Lindsay Listanski get a virtual makeover at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

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Sam is the Content and Multimedia Specialist for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. He is Jersey born and bred, and currently resides in Weehawken, NJ. He is an avid reader, loves Games of Thrones and is a New York Yankees die-hard.

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