A Time for Reflection

A statement from M. Ryan Gorman, President and CEO, on the events at the U.S. Capitol and looking forward.

Leaders are often asked to comment on all manner of events. Amidst the mayhem and miracles of the last year, I was asked to comment more frequently than I would like to count. At times commenting felt appropriate. At times it did not. And at times I was personally compelled to comment, whether appropriate or not.

In the immediate aftermath of the violent and tragically deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol, my highest priority was checking on the safety of our people. Fortunately, we were able to account for the physical wellbeing of Coldwell Banker employees, agents, and brokers in the Capitol region.

With that confirmation, I have now shifted my focus to discussing what has transpired across our network and industry as well as within my own home.

Since last week, I have found it challenging to interpret the terrible events at the U.S. Capitol for my youngest daughter. Her questions were as obvious as they were piercing. Both why and how this happened were not easily explained. Consequences of what happened are only now starting to become clear.

Next week, we will honor the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who led a valiant civil rights movement that introduced much of the world to the term civil disobedience: the refusal to comply with certain laws as a peaceful form of political protest.

One can debate when and how civil disobedience may be “appropriate.” The very nature of political protest means not everyone will agree. What is beyond debate is the overwhelmingly positive impact on the nation and the world of Dr. King’s protests, co-led by the “Conscience of Congress,” John Lewis.

Also beyond debate: the chaos at the Capitol last week was not peaceful, was not civil disobedience, and was not right.

As we are asked to weigh consequences for those who may have participated in the events of last week, we will be careful to respect lawful protest and civil disobedience and quick to condemn in the strongest possible terms any hate speech as well as incitement or acts of violence.

As always, we at Coldwell Banker will work together with those of all political persuasions to further a broadly and commonly held ideal of the importance of home and community to the strength of our families, society, and nation. And as always, we will support and respect the work of those who share our values in support of housing and the sacred institutions of this great nation.

-M. Ryan Gorman, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate

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