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The best home gym is a stylish, efficient workout space that supports your healthy lifestyle. Learn what home gym essentials will create the perfect room for you to thrive, and follow these three steps to get in shape at home.

The best home gym is a stylish, efficient workout space that supports your healthy lifestyle. Learn which home gym essentials will create the perfect room for you to thrive. Follow these three steps if you are considering devoting part of your home to getting in shape.

  1. Is a home gym for you? Before you buy your first kettlebell, take a moment to consider whether you’ll work out at home as much as you would if you joined a gym or enrolled in a class. Be realistic! Some people need the motivation of meeting the same friend at a Zumba class or the mental separation of home and workout that a commercial gym provides. If you do think a home gym suits your personality, the convenience of being able to work out on demand can’t be beat.
  2. Start with a plan. The more specific your workout plans, the better. Are you interested in losing weight? Unwinding after a long workday? Becoming more flexible? Gaining endurance or muscle strength? Once you know what your goals are, you can narrow down what type of exercises you plan to do.
  3. Equipment matters. There’s no substitute for having the right tools for the job. Depending on your goals, outfit your space with these home gym essentials:
  • Strength Training: The most traditional tools are hand-held dumbbells. Choose a variety of sizes in the weights you’ll use most frequently, such as 10, 15, and 20 pounds. Also consider kettlebells, which come in a wide variety of weights and are versatile for building strength. Resistance bands (very strong tubing) is another versatile and lightweight way to build strength.
  • Body-Weight Tools: Stability balls are a fantastic and inexpensive addition to a home gym. When you combine a ball with body-weight exercises (maneuvers using just your own body weight for resistance), you’ll increase core strength and balance. A bench or step is another useful tool for body-weight exercises.
  • Tech Tools: A TV, DVD player, computer, or tablet can be useful for working out with a virtual instructor. There are DVDs, videos, apps, and streaming services for every interest and skill level. Even if you don’t work out with a video, music can be a great motivator so don’t forget a way to listen to your favorite exercise playlist.
  • Stretch: A sturdy foam roller, padded mat, and adjustable strap for cool-down stretches and increasing flexibility should round out your home gym essentials.

The final step to creating your ideal home gym? Always remember that this space is part of your home, so you deserve to love it. Keep it clean and make it a well-lit, bright space that will make you smile every time you step inside.


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