Kevin Pillar Lays Out at Home, Too

The Toronto Blue Jays center fielder shows why home is so important for his sense of comfort after long trips on the road.

Last week, we took a tour of Ben Zobrist’s Windy City home.  This week, we go across the northern border and say “eh” to Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar.

If you’ve ever seen “Sportscenter’s Top 10”, you’ve seen Kevin Pillar.  Whether he is laying out superman style to take away a double in the gap or climbing the outfield wall to rob a home run, Pillar always puts it all on the line for his team in spectacular passion.  That passion not only extends to his team, but to his adopted home city of Toronto where he has played for the past four years.

Though a California kid at heart, Toronto has become his surrogate home during his major league career.  A stone’s throw from downtown, Pillar loves being so close to his home stadium and all of the restaurants, entertainment and fun Toronto boasts.   Not to mention, the views from his building are spectacular.  Not only does Kevin get to take in downtown, but a simple turn of the head to the views of the water allows him to reminisce about growing up in California.

Though the grueling schedule baseball players endure can seem like a whirlwind, Kevin knows that this is all part of the job description and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Watch the video above to hear more why Pillar, “couldn’t have asked for a better situation” in Toronto.

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  1. Paolo
    September 13, 2016

    I wonder if Kevin knows that from his balcony he can see the site of the old Hanlans Point Stadium where at 19 years old George Herman Ruth of the Providence Grays hit his first pro home run. He can also see the site of the old Maple Leaf Stadium over on the end of Bathurst St at Fleet where so many other big names also played.


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