Refresh Your Home for Spring

Refresh your home with more than a spring cleaning; do a total spring refresh. Tips on how to refresh your home with Grant Wagner of Grant Wagner Design. Some spring decor ideas for multiple budget levels from DIY to splurge.

Spring has sprung and not only is it time to refresh your home with a spring cleaning but it’s also a great time to do a spring refresh to your decor, according to Grant Wagner of Princeton-based Grant Wagner Design. A spring refresh refers to a renewal of your home’s decor and going a step beyond cleaning and organizing during the spring season. Grant says “just as you change your wardrobe for the seasons, you should change your home’s decor as well.” Here are some tips on how to do this for different budget levels for your New Jersey home.

DIY Budget

Two things that come to mind when you think spring are flowers and plants. Bringing live plants and cut flowers inside can help infuse life into a room, as well as be beneficial to the air quality of your home. Grant suggests not only bringing in interesting plants that can provide additional color like lavender or lemon trees but to have them planted or set in interesting and unique vessels or pots. Bringing in flowers and plants is one way of adding color to a room, but for even more pops of color on a DIY level, Grant loves to switch out pillows with more vibrant colors like canary yellow, pastels, lavender, and even Pantone’s color of the year greenery. Not only is the color important but also the texture. For pillows, he suggests utilizing silk fabric or faux velvet on pillows. Color can also be brought in through some new artwork pieces that have strong pops of color in either canary yellow or orange. These are all simple updates that can make a big impact and refresh your home for the season.

DIY Spring Refresh Example

Image courtesy of Grant Wagner Design

Moderate Budget

If you are looking to invest a little more into your refresh, Grant suggests switching out your curtains for the season. Since spring is all about bringing the outside in; you want to pare down the window coverings and go with something light and airy. Grant likes to go with a light, flowing fabric like linen and then utilize neutral tones for the color, keeping the curtains very natural. Going with this option will allow more light to flow into the home and let the view through the window be more of the focal point — hence bringing the outdoors in.

DIY Spring Refresh Example

Image courtesy of Grant Wagner Design


If you are really looking to make a big change and invest some money into totally refreshing your home for the spring season then there are two big things Grant suggests. The first, is to bring in an accent chair to give a lively feel to the room. He thinks this is a great way to bring a unique color or pattern into the room; however, use caution not to get anything that is too trendy or too basic. Also, it’s important to consider if the chair will remain in this location year round or get switched out after spring. The second splurge item is to switch out an area rug. For the rug, the interior designer suggests going with a more natural and light looking rug that will continue to help with the open and airy refreshed room vibe.

Spring refresh splurge example

Image courtesy of Grant Wagner Design

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Kevin is a Realtor based in Bordentown, NJ that concentrates on Mercer County and Burlington County. He works very closely with first time home buyers to guide them through the sometimes complicated process of buying a home and makes it easy for them to understand by simplifying each step. The end result of seeing someone turn a property into their home is what makes it all worth it for Kevin.

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