A Smarter Way to Sleep


Tech to help you get a smart night sleep so you can be well rested and stay healthy.


Smart home technology has transformed everything from how we consume energy to the way we entertain at home, but what if I told you it could also help you sleep better?

At this point you’ve probably heard all the statistics about the adverse impact even one bad night of sleep can have on your health. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules it can be hard to prioritize sleep the way we need to. Luckily, there are several smart products on the market that you can use to get the most restful and rejuvenating sleep possible.

Watch the video below for a look at how products like Sleep IQ can help you sleep smarter.

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  1. Wayne
    October 20, 2016

    I’m adding my perspective as a retired IBM technologist who worked in home automation for over a decade, now writes about home healthcare technologies, and also works in sleep wellness.

    LED Bulbs – Avoiding bluish light at night helps your body produce melatonin and get good sleep, and amping up the blue in the morning helps jumpstart your day, so I endorse the C Sleep bulbs by GE.

    BedPhones – I’m less of a fan of BedPhones and instead prefer SleepPhones, which as so comfy they’re promoted as “pajamas for your ears.” They come in corded or Bluetooth wireless versions and include access to sleep-inducing music.

    Withings Aura – I especially like this with its optional REM sleep sensor, which offers the same functionality as the Sleep Number Sleep IQ but with a bedside light, alarm clock and speaker.

    Sleep IQ – Sleep Comfort uses two marketing gimmicks to sell its air mattresses. One is assigning a Sleep Number to each air pressure adjustment, and the other is the more expensive Sleep IQ sleep tracking sensors. It’s still an air mattress. (See http://intelligentsleep.com/videos/intellibed-versus-sleep-number-by-select-comfort/).


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