The Future of the Laundry Room

Modern-day improvements to the laundry room featured at CES 2015 have taken at least some of the dirty work out of chores.

While most of us hope that the future of the laundry room involves a robotic butler to sort, wash and fold for us, the modern-day improvements to the laundry room featured at CES 2015 have taken at least some of the dirty work out of chores for us.
At Home Dry Cleaning
There were two at-home clothing cleaning systems that really stood out at CES: the SWASH Express Clothing System and the LG Styler.

The SWASH Express Clothing System, which runs on the equivalent of a K-cup of detergent, eliminates clothing wrinkles and odors in just 10 minutes. You simply use the clothing clamps to stretch a piece of clothing into place, slide the door shut and run the Swash cycle. According to Swash, “people who dry-clean at least once a month spend about $758.26.” With the SWASH™ system, which retails for $499, you can cut your dry-cleaning bills by 50% by using the appliance to dewrinkle, refresh and restore clothing without ever leaving the house.
LG Styler
The LG Styler uses TrueSteam™, LG’s hot steam spray technology to give up to 4 pieces a quick refresh, reducing the number of trips to the dry cleaners.  Unfortunately, it is not a replacement for the dry cleaners as the system only uses steam and no detergents to wash clothing.  With a price tag around $2,000, this clothes management system is not intended for residential use; however, we may see these installed in ritzy hotels in the future.  
The Anywhere Washer & Dryer
2015-01-07 10.16.41
Whirlpool also stole the show at CES with their ventless washer and dryer combo, the new Duet with Hybrid Care, which allows a homeowner to move the laundry room wherever is most convenient.  Perhaps the laundry room is located on the ground floor of a two-story home and the new homebuyer prefers to have the washer and dryer located closer to the bedrooms for more convenient laundering of sheets and towels.  The ventless technology of this Whirlpool appliance line allows homeowners flexibility to relocate the laundry room, while not skimping on efficiency.
Leak Detection
2015-01-07 10.34.00
If you’ve ever had a washing machine hose burst, you know the potentially devastating damage that mishap can cause.  Lowe’s Iris Home Management System, which allows you to manage your lighting, doors, security system and beyond, has also developed a potential solution to this homeowner nightmare.  The Utilitech Water Leak Detector, designed to detect indoor leaks by alerting the homeowner of water on the floor.  Install this device near a washing machine or toilet to be alerted via the Iris app should a leak occur.  One step further, the Leak Smart electronic Smart Valve serves as an automated water shut-off valve.  Set up a rule within the Iris system to ensure that when a leak is detected in your laundry room, your main water valve shuts off even if you’re not home.
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